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Clear Jelly Decor Packs

Clear Jelly Decor, 1 Dozen Half Gallon Packs
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This item is for 1 Dozen (12) packs of Jelly Decor
*If you want to mix colors notify us of the colors and quantities under special notes, or notify us by email after placing the order. This product has a fixed shipping cost for all domestic orders. They will be shipped with your vases, or via USPS priority mail. For international Jelly Decor orders please contact us for shipping costs.

One Dozen .5 ounce pack of Pink Jelly decor. Each pack will fully soak up to 1/2 Gallon of water. Each bead holds up to 100 times its weight in water.

Soak the Jelly Decor in a large bucket or vase. Jelly Decor will reach full size in 6-8 hours. When done soaking, drain water. For smaller sizes, simply drain the water after Jelly Decor has reached desired size. Jelly Decor will remain hydrated for several weeks. To keep the Decor looking fresh, soak the jelly in Water every 24-48 hours momentarily. They may be dried out and reused up to 4 times. To dry out Jelly Decor, lay them out on a dry towel. Jelly may take several days to dry out and return to their original size. Once dried, seal in a air proof packet to avoid moisture from entering.

WARNING! These products are not to be used for consumption. Jelly Decor is for decoration use only. This product is not a toy for kids. Please keep out of reach of children. Do not dispose used beads into drains, as they could clog the plumbing system.
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